Why Your Energy Bill Has Increased Recently?

Why Your Energy Bill Has Increased Recently?

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Reason 1: Your Fixed Plan May Have Expired

Many customers who receive a high bill are actually just off contract. When your fixed agreement ends, you are switched over to a month-to-month plan which can vary depending on Market conditions. So it’s important to know if you’re on a fixed plan or not. Be sure to check your expiration date of your contract on your monthly bill, and on our online web portal.

Solution: Renew to a Fixed Contract

If your current contract has expired, now is a great time to lock in a fixed rate and avoid Market fluctuations.

Call our Customer Care team at Call (844) 466-3808  to upgrade to a fixed plan . Our Energy Advisors can help you choose the right plan for you and your home.

Reason 2: Weather

When it gets hot outside, most people immediately lower the temperature on their thermostat. But keeping your home at a refreshing 70ºF (21ºC) when it’s in the triple digits outside can really put a dent in your summer budget. We suggest setting the temperature to 78 while you’re at home and increasing it a few degrees while you’re away.

Solution: Master Your Thermostat

Program your thermostat to raise the temperature when you’re not at home or at night when outside temperatures are low. Even better, upgrade to a smart thermostat that can help you control your home’s cooling system and slash your electricity bill by as much as 20%!***

Reason 3: Your Home Is Using More Energy Than Usual

This reason usually coincides with the changing seasons, but it also might be that you’ve got house guests staying for an extended time and running up the energy bill. More people in the house means more foot traffic in and out of your outside-facing doors and using your washer, dryer, and water heater more heavily.

A malfunctioning air conditioner or other appliance can be another source of energy waste. If your AC is running at full throttle all day, it’s using significantly more energy than it should. Sometimes, this issue is simply a matter of your AC being low on freon. One tell-tale sign of this problem is visibly frozen or dripping pipes on the indoor unit.

Even better, upgrade your thermostat. Modern programmable thermostats can cut your electricity bill by 20% by carefully controlling your home’s cooling system. Don’t have a smart thermostat?

Call us at (844) 466-3808 to get a special offer on an Ecobee thermostat and start saving this summer!

The search is over. Call 1-844-466-3808 to get the best energy plan for your home.

Solution: Do A Home Audit and Check Your Weekly Usage

Check your thermostat, your new guests might have adjusted the settings on it to suit their taste and habits. It’s also a good idea to give the other appliances in your home a thorough once-over to see if they need any new filters, fluids, or maintenance to get the best performance out of them. Walk around your home to make sure all the windows and doors are closed to keep the cooled (or heated) air from escaping.

To keep better track of your energy usage, look out for our weekly usage emails to see how much energy you’re using. It’ll give you a clearer picture of how and when you’re using the most energy and give you the insights you need to conserve energy more effectively.

Reason 4: You Moved to a New Home

It’s normal to expect some variation in your bills when you move to a new home, especially if you moved across the country. If your new home is significantly larger than your previous one, you’re paying to light, power, and cool or heat more square footage. Older homes, even smaller ones, are often less efficient since they weren’t built to modern housing requirements to conserve energy like newer homes.

Solution: Look for Ways to Be More Energy Efficient

Some of the solutions to conserve energy in larger or inefficient homes might be a bit of an upfront investment, but they make economic sense if you plan on staying in your home for a few years. These types of home improvements can also add value to your home if you end up selling within 5 years.

Check your attic to see if it needs more insulation. Blow-in insulation should sit well above the floor-joists in your attic, obscuring them from view for the most part. Downstairs, install curtains, blinds, or double-paned windows to save energy on heating and cooling costs. Another wise investment that’s the most affordable option in this section is a smart thermostat.

Here are some other tips to conserve water and lower your bill during the summer

1) Replace your air filters regularly

Simply replacing a clogged air filter can improve air conditioning efficiency by as much as 15%.* Did you know Tara Energy offers a monthly filter subscription starting at $5 a month?

2) Use energy-efficient lighting

Use energy-efficient LED bulbs to cut your lighting cost by up to $75 a year.** These bulbs also produce far less heat than incandescent bulbs, so you won’t have to run your air conditioning quite as much.

3) Reduce your appliance use

Minimizing your appliance use may seem like an obvious way to reduce your electricity bill, but doing so can also keep your home cooler. Appliances like computers, hair dryers, and stereos produce a moderate amount of heat; dishwashers and ovens produce even more. To keep your home cooler, consider cooking outside or using a microwave on hot days.

To reduce your electricity usage even more, try to fill your dishwasher and washing machine completely each time you use them, and if possible, wait to run them at night when temperatures are lower. Use cold water to wash clothing; water heating is a major energy consumer, even in the summer. Also, consider upgrading appliances to Energy Star alternatives that use electricity just as frugally as you do.

4) Use a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan can make an air-conditioned room feel up to four degrees cooler. This cooling effect allows you to turn up your thermostat and save even more energy. However, cooling by convection only affects your perceived temperature and not the actual ambient air temperature in the room. In other words, you’ll feel cool when in the same room as the fan, but the overall temperature of your home will not change. So, remember to turn off your fans when you leave a room.

5) Minimize Airflow

Cool air can quickly escape from your home through doors, windows, and other small gaps. Minimizing the loss of cool air and the infiltration of warm air can make a considerable difference in your home’s efficiency, especially during the summer. To maintain your home’s thermal envelope, use caulk to seal up any gaps and install weather-stripping around windows and doors to further increase efficiency.

Reducing Your Energy Bill

Amigo/Tara Energy supports our loyal customers in their efforts to reduce their energy consumption and save on their monthly bill. For more ideas on how you can reduce your energy consumption, check out our blog.

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