5 Ways to Save Energy | Keeping Warm the Old-Fashioned Way

5 Ways to Save Energy by Keeping Warm the Old-Fashioned Way

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With bone-chilling weather outside, you’re probably having an internal struggle of whether or not to crank up your heat to stay warm. How did humans survive without modern conveniences such as central heating?

We did it for thousands of years but nowadays it seems as though it’d be impossible! While you probably don’t want to forgo heat altogether, there are some easy ways to keep the thermostat at a reasonable temperature while still remaining as snug as a bug in a rug. Check out these five ways to save energy by keeping warm the old-fashioned way.

1. Layer up!
It’s pretty much common sense that if you wear multiple layers of clothing, you’ll keep warm. Back in the olden days, men and women alike would wear several layers of clothing to maintain a comfortable temperature. Purchase thermal underwear and wear it under your clothes both inside and outside your home. With layers on, you won’t need the thermostat set to tropical temperatures to feel comfortable.

2. Keep your head and feet warm.
Scientists used to think that you could lose 45% of your body heat from your head. While this myth has been debunked, it’s still true that certain parts of your head and feet have special blood vessels designed to control warming and cooling. Even though they are not as important as originally thought, these body parts still play a significant role in your body temperature. Why not invest in some fuzzy socks or a comfy hat to keep warm?

3. Heat up your bed.
During colonial times, people would heat up clothing irons by the fire, wrap them in blankets and stick them in their bed. In modern times, there are other, safer ways to keep your bed warm at night so don’t plug in your iron and put it in bed with you. That’s just asking for an accident. Instead, get a hot water bottle, heat it up and keep it under your covers. It should put off enough heat to last throughout the night.

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4. Humidify your home.
Why do you think people used to keep a bubbling cauldron in the fireplace all winter? The liquid in it put off humidity that made homes more bearable when it was icy outside. Nowadays, it may be a bit impractical to invest in a cauldron for your fireplace considering we have nifty devices that put out humidity when you plug them into the wall. Buy a humidifier. You can even add some essential oils to its water to create a pleasant scent throughout your home.

5. Block drafts.
Whether it is a drafty interior doorway or that crack below your front door, there’s an old-fashioned way to handle it. For exterior doors, use draft snakes. These gadgets are tubular pillow insulators you can lay in front of drafty doors to keep the cold air out. For your interior doorways, hang portieres. For many years, people used portieres (heavy curtains) in doorways to keep the heat from escaping rooms. These simple solutions need no modifying, as they still prove effective today.

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