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Conserve Energy During the Big Game!

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It’s not long now until the biggest football game of 2019 comes rolling into Atlanta. Stockpiling drinks, dusting off the crock-pot and sending out invitations to your friends and family are already on your to-do list— but have you been thinking about how you can conserve energy?

While it may not be top of your list of things to do, conserving energy will reduce both your carbon footprint and utility bill, meaning that you can enjoy the big game safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the environment—all while keeping your energy bill in check.

Here are our Top Tips for Conserving Energy (during football games):

Dial the Heat Down
With all those extra bodies in your home, you’re going to be adding extra heat already, meaning that you can likely turn the thermostat down a few degrees and still enjoy a warm, comfortable environment. Plus, with some tempers flaring, everyone might benefit a little from a slightly cooler environment. If it does get too hot, reach for the thermostat—not the windows. When you let the heat out, you’ll have to use a lot more to energy to make it back. Just turn down the thermostat a bit more and pass cold drinks around until the head subsides.

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Head to a Friend’s Party Instead of Hosting
If you’re hemming and hawwing about whether you really want to throw a party at yours this year, consider making an appearance at someone else’s instead. If you’re heading out just remember to turn the heating off and disconnect any unnecessary electrical equipment in order to conserve energy at your home.

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Get an energy efficient TV
Planning on watching the game on an older model? Chances are it’s a drain on your electricity bill. Why not treat yourself to a newer screen from Energy Star’s recommended list of energy efficient TVs?

Recycle your waste!
I know how it is. It’s been a long day, your place is a mess. It’s so much easier to shove everything all in one bag and be done with it. Just spare a few more minutes to separate out the cups, bottles, cans, and compostable refuse into different containers ready for recycling and keep your portion of the 40 tons of trash produced on Game Day out of a landfill! The environment will thank you.

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