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Monday, November 19, 2018
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Why You Need A Smart Sprinkler System

Extreme heat is expected during the summer months for much of Texas. Staying cool is challenge enough in the summer, but there’s also the matter of taking care of your lawn and garden. The blistering Texan summer months do a number on your lawn.

So many yards dried or sun-damaged, if not drowned in an effort to combat the heat. But now there’s a better way to take care of your lawn while managing your water usage responsibly.

Water Less, Water Deeply

Up to 90% of all lawn problems stem from over- or under-watering.[1] While local water restrictions or an unusually arid stretch of time can take its toll, optimizing your watering may be the answer to saving your lawn.

Many lawn experts recommend watering your lawn at least once a week, which makes sense since most grasses actually can get by with only an inch of water a week. The trick to saving water is watering more efficiently. The goal is to give your grass enough water, without oversaturating it. And this is where the smart sprinkler can help.

Smart Sprinkler Basics

Traditional, mechanical sprinkler systems are helpful tools, but they can easily over-water or under-water your lawn based on what the weather is doing. Typically, they’re rather limited in their programming, and can’t adjust for weather changes, local water restrictions, and can only be controlled manually from the control box at your home.

You can save time, cut costs, and conserve water with a smart sprinkler system. The smart technology acts like a little brain and command center that automates the entire process. Using a variety of sensors and internet connectivity, smart sprinklers monitor your lawn and determine when it’s best to run your sprinklers and how much water is actually needed.

Even better, you manage the entire operating from a smartphone or tablet app. Your smart sprinkler controls ping you for any new developments or other updates. You also greater insights into your water usage (or savings) on your lawn.

Use up to 30% Less Water

With a smart sprinkler controller, save as much as 30% on your home water usage![2] Most Smart Sprinklers are EPA WaterSense certified, which guarantees 20% less water loss. Unlike traditional irrigation systems that rely on a manually set clock to schedule watering, smart sprinkler system considering local weather data and current soil conditions.

Smart sprinklers save households nearly 9,000 gallons of water each year, according to the Department of Energy.[1] Because of this, some communities offer rebates to homeowners who install a WaterSense certified smart watering system. Check with your local government to see if you are eligible for a rebate or other incentives.

Say Hello to Skydrop

Take better care of your lawn and garden with Skydrop. You saving time, water, and money when you install this system.

Tara Energy has partnered with Skydrop to bring smart watering solutions to homes all over Texas. This EPA WaterSenseⓇ Certified system provides a convenient and easy-to-use control interface for running your irrigation system more efficienctly.

How Does Skydrop work?

  • Customize up to 8 lawn zones – It doesn’t matter if you have a garden, lawn or both. Skydrop gives you complete flexibility to water the way you want.
  • Access real-time usage on your computer or smartphone – Eliminate the guesswork and get up-to-date information in the palm of your hand whenever you need.
  • Get local news and water alerts sent right to your phone — WiFi connected sprinklers gather local news and weather information to warn you of local water ban or restrictions.
  • Receive weather notifications about rain delays, freeze warnings and schedules so you can be proactive about your watering and protecting your lawn and garden.
  • Connect with other smart home technology – You can activate your sprinklers with just a few words. Skydrop also integrates with other smart home systems such as Nest, Alexa, Echo, alarm controllers, home solar systems, outdoor lighting and more!
  • Fits with your existing sprinkler system - Skydrop replaces your existing sprinkler control system, but not your existing valves or wires, so the installation and set up is low cost and quick to do.

Discover how Skydrop can help your home by visiting our Skydrop page to get all of the details, or call us today at 1-855-519-5920 to get learn more.

Choose a Smart Sprinkler and Save

Don’t let the extreme summer heat get you beat, choose a smart sprinkler and let it do all the work and worrying for you. Smart sprinklers are an easy and efficient way to take control of your water usage and ensure that your lawn and garden stays grass green and healthy throughout the summer months.


  • “Building a Lawn Worthy of the North Texas Heat.” Southern Methodist University, 25 Jun. 2012,
  • Potential savings varies according to geographic location, usage, and other factors:

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